Saturday, February 21, 2009

New song

I set up a recording studio in my house. This is a song I made with it.
Why am I?

Friday, February 13, 2009

Dead Hard Drive

Hard and Dead are two different ways to currently describe my drive. Hard drive. Dead drive. Dead, Hard, Drive. I dropped it and it broke and it had everything including the the master of the special K album, so now the only place it exists is on this very blog. The Hot Rush album was supposed to be released last Friday but, that too was on the hard drive. There is a copy of it in existance at various places but now I have to collect the tracks and compile them. Never fear, the album will be released when i get the tracks. Hey lets go killing (Friday the 13th)

Monday, February 2, 2009


So i figured out how to use paypal. Please donate to me, I am a good cause. Also below is a link to buy the special K album on tape or VHS. The album comes with album art and if you want the VHS versoin its got VIDEO and specialized special K prizes. only 5 bucks including shipping. ALRIGHT $$$$$$

buy the special k album, suport independent music, VHS or TAPE, click the cover to go to paypal.

I am a fancy ass.

I have decided to loose weight and start exercising. Here are some photos of me and my fitness partner in part of our daily work out.

Notice our X-treem physiques. Also, i would like to take this opportunity to OFFICIALLY announce this historical event. HOT RUSH album debut will be on THIS COMING FRIDAY February 6th, you buy copies on tape for 4 bucks plus shipping and handling. Also if you want a tape from any other projects I am also selling them, and shirts, and pants.