Monday, December 29, 2008

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Ive come home. so cold. Lemme into yer winda.
I went to Seattle yesterday to play a Peaches : breaches show. Somebody took a video and I will post it later.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I'm gonna play a show in Seattle with Peaches : breaches on sunday the 28th. The show Peaches : breaches is ripping video doom butt music.

Today was I recorded some new track for the Peaches : breaches myspace page. Also i watched more lost. I now have a facebook fan page, and if you reading this, your probably a fan or a weirdo, or both. Heres a link to the fan page this is a picture of me in a jason mask
i'm looking foward to the Friday the 13th rehash, its directed by the guy who did the rehash of Texas Chainsaw but its written by the team of Freddy Vs. Jason. Its suspost to cover the first 3 movies, and Jason will go from wearing the bad to the hockey mask. This is me right now.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Today i watched lost. Then i got some food. Now I'm watching lost again. Some of the buses are still fucked. The one i tried to get on didn't run and i had to wait for the next one. Its crazy. This is a picture of my weird no chin. Im trying to loose weight, in the chin area only. This is a picture of me lookin' regular to remind the reader that I am not ugly. Also Flickr has begun to hide my old pics. No respect. wobooboowohwohwohboo.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Its interesting to watch a show about being stuck on a tropical island while being stuck in a moderate snow storm. This area is not equipped for this weather. Ive had to push out more cars in the past couple days then in my life. It seems like all greyhounds and planes are shut down due to weather. It seems like it may be letting up for now cause things are dripping but I think its gonna start back up again. Im staying indoors and watching lost. Im almost through the first season, I got 3 more to go after that. This is a picture of me right now. Laterz.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Still Stormy

I haven't left the house today. It's snowing fuckin hard still. I'm gonna go downtown soon for sandwiches and coffee. This is a picture of me right now. PhotobucketSee the snow in the background, crazy snow. Its the holidays so everybody is traveling, I think its the worst season to travel. Fuck the Christians, and white people for making holidays during a hard to travel season. You Fuckers deserve it. BYE?!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Another day in nothing

Today I did nothing. I woke up ate some frozen pizza. After that i shipped some e-bay shit. Then I watched videos at the butt house. Then I drank some Mountain Mellow. Now Im recording and writing a video blog. Thats All.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Remicade Adventure

It is still snowing really hard. I saw that guy on the bus. He always has head phones and likes to repeat phrases, i think hes autistic. He was saying "Jan wants the snow, She wants it so bad. so bad, Jan wants the snow, the snows for Jan she wants it so bad" it was sweet. Also i took the bus with roomie for I.V. at St. Petes. Now im home, and it may be to snowy to leave. I saw Scott at the coffee shop yesterday. I think I said "hi Scott" and he maybe replied "hey, hows it goin", or something. That coffee shop is great cause its made of wood. Someone said the wood was from in insane aslylum that means its crazy wood. Maybe ill go to the coffee shop later. I saw a lot of cars sliding around, so im kinda afraid to go anywhere near cars. ok bye blog.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

never gonna wipe my butt

My second post of today, I just made a big snow ball while waiting for the bus, its at the bus station by the olympia center if you wanna go pee on it or something

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It Begins

Woo! Today is the beginning of everything, for it is the beginning of Mountain Mellow. Mountain Mellow is the title of this blog and also the t title of my favorite soft drink. Its kinda early and its snowing really hard outside, practicly a "storm " by Olympia standards. heres some links to some of my stuff online!

- this is my "personal" myspace page
- this is my gangster offensive music alter ego Special K
- this is my disbanded rock band
-this is my youtube channel
-This is my band mate's web pagewith our songs from our band, Icthiostega

this is a picture of me and BayBay right now