Thursday, December 18, 2008

Remicade Adventure

It is still snowing really hard. I saw that guy on the bus. He always has head phones and likes to repeat phrases, i think hes autistic. He was saying "Jan wants the snow, She wants it so bad. so bad, Jan wants the snow, the snows for Jan she wants it so bad" it was sweet. Also i took the bus with roomie for I.V. at St. Petes. Now im home, and it may be to snowy to leave. I saw Scott at the coffee shop yesterday. I think I said "hi Scott" and he maybe replied "hey, hows it goin", or something. That coffee shop is great cause its made of wood. Someone said the wood was from in insane aslylum that means its crazy wood. Maybe ill go to the coffee shop later. I saw a lot of cars sliding around, so im kinda afraid to go anywhere near cars. ok bye blog.

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