Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I'm gonna play a show in Seattle with Peaches : breaches on sunday the 28th. The show Peaches : breaches is ripping video doom butt music.

Today was I recorded some new track for the Peaches : breaches myspace page. Also i watched more lost. I now have a facebook fan page, and if you reading this, your probably a fan or a weirdo, or both. Heres a link to the fan page this is a picture of me in a jason mask
i'm looking foward to the Friday the 13th rehash, its directed by the guy who did the rehash of Texas Chainsaw but its written by the team of Freddy Vs. Jason. Its suspost to cover the first 3 movies, and Jason will go from wearing the bad to the hockey mask. This is me right now.

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